Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 56

Learn - is the most important message in life. We learn so many things every day which bring us further or nearer to our aims and results that we expect. All artists shown above had to learn a lot to complete and design these fantastic artworks. Beauty starts within but can be expressed by learning and making. Enjoy these inspirations!

Design is a formal response to a strategic question. ” Mariona Lopez

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this won’t get 1% of the women’s version of this post. 

the world we live in, and people in general don’t care about men. we are pretty much robots who aren’t allowed to show emotion. we’re taught from a young age that boys don’t cry. 

fact is women are sexualised, men are idealised. because men can’t be raped because they’re big and strong right? right? yea, pretty much the idiots view of living. 

signal boost this shit

reblogging because I cannot stand when people act like women are the only things in the world

Both men and women are raped, sexually abused, emotionally abused and beaten. Stop arguing over genders, that isn’t what’s important. The point of this post is to get a message across, that we have to take rape victims seriously, that rape victims shouldn’t be belittled or blamed for what was done to them.






The sad part is not only is this completely true, but domestic violence still rose by 26% even when the team won.


Dude, are you kidding me?

Keep thinking that men are so calm and rational, and women are the “crazy” and “emotional” ones, though.

It’s literally KILLING us, but you know women… what’s the deal with them and their feelings hurr durr durr



ELiza Bennett

ELiza Bennett is a London based artist who recieved a BTEC National Diploma in art, focusing on textiles. She then continued to pursue a BA in Fashion Design at Middlesex University.

Eliza creates visual narratives with her pieces. Using her hand as a canvas, ” A Woman’s Work is Never Done” is a self-inflicted sculpture. These worn looking hands are a representation of how hard a women’s work truly is. Using thread and needle, which are traditionally considered feminine materials, she brings light to the struggles of low paid jobs such as cleaning and caring. This piece I must admit makes my skin crawl a little, but the message the work portrays and the crafting of it are truly beautiful.